inlovewithhismelody said: Do you think it will be better if BTOB will have their comeback next year?

Personally I think it would be better to have the comeback this year cuz… the earlier the better for us melodies eue

- Dara

Anonymous said: I hope they'll have a comeback and comeback sexier then ever!

OMG! ME TOO! *^*

- Dara

Anonymous said: Do you know if btob will have a comeback before 2014 ends?

I haven’t heard anything yet either so I guess well have to wait and see.
Hopefully they will tho! ^^

- Dara


situation: there are cameras around recording but the BtoB members are unaware. Actors were hired to portray fans following them on the streets. When another actor, pretending to be one of the fans’ oppa, orders her to go home with him and becomes rather violent about it, this is how Changsub reacts.
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Good afternoon Melodies, admin Dara here!

I have a few submittions that has been collecting dust in my inbox over the past few months, which I have decided to post now so.. if you wanna submit some more we need some submittions for;

Oh! And since the official fanclub colour is “Slow Blue” I have changed the colours on our blog page, and posts from now on will be in blue ^^

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melodiousboice said: Do you guys have no submissions or are you guys kinda away from tumblr? >w<

As I’ve said earlier, I am left all alone here without even knowing so I’m currently looking for people who is willing to take care of this blog ^^

Looking for new admins!

Hello, this is Admin Dara speaking.
As y’all have noticed I haven’t been active at all here (and I noticed I’m totally left alone) so I have decided to leave. And I guess there are people who doesn’t want this blog to close so I am gonna hand it over to whoever wants to take care of it.

Please leave a message in the inbox if you’re interested in taking over this blog.

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