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Back on track?

Hello everyone, I Know I’ve been active since… FOREVER! But I’ve decided to actually start posting again since I have so much free time so.. start sending me some “I have a thing for” if you have some ^-^

- Dara

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Hey, guys! You should all give a nice welcome to our new admin, Liz!

As I said before, I’ll be leaving the blog. :( It’s been lots of fun, thank you for all being so wonderful. Continue to support BTOB and ihaveathingforbtob! Love you all!

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Looking for new admins! Send in your application! —> x

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New Admin Application!

Hello, guys! This is Admin Stephanie. Admin Viv and I feel that we aren’t doing such a great job of running this blog. It’s been lots of fun interacting with all of you, but we’ve both decided to leave. Before that, though, we’re looking for new admins to run the blog. So, submit an application if you’re interested! Please send the following:



Desired Admin Name:


BTOB Bias:

Favorite Kpop Groups/Individual Artists:

How often you are online (hours):

Any special talents? (edits, gifs, fanfics, etc.):

Write a little bit about why you think you should be an admin:

We look forward to reading your applications! Please submit them via the ask or submit boxes by 12PM/noon (EST) on Tuesday, May 25, 2013.

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Sorry I haven’t been around. Have you heard about what’s been going on? Ah, silly of me, I know it’s best not to talk about it much ‘cause that just makes it bigger.

Anyway, it seems some on twitter are trying to trend #staystrongbtob right now and then there’s supposedly an effort to trend #alwayswithbtob on Sunday afternoon (?? Idk for sure, but if that’s correct then it should be then using Korea time). Well if any of you are on now or will be on later, consider joining that effort to show btob our support.

If you haven’t heard about the issues, my best explanation is just to say to read the official staff posts from the fancafe and Minhyuk’s recent post from there. I think I saw translations of the staff posts on tumblr and a translation of Minhyuk’s post linked from the BTOBUpdates twitter.

-Admin Stephanie

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Signing off for today, guys. :( I’ll try to get back on tomorrow to make the other submissions. -Admin Stephanie

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